​Infatuation: Angel 

Directors: Andy Simmons
Screenwriter:  Unscripted
Genre: Inspirational

Have you had a rough life? Were you living a life that was not the life that Jesus wanted you to live? Just listen to the amazing testimonies these folks have to share about how Jesus turned their life around.

Directors:  Andy Simmons
Screenwriter:  Andy Simmons
Genre:  Thriller​

While out jogging a young lady comes up missing. After failing to fight her attacker off she succumbs to the over powering guy and is taken back to his place.

Directors:  Andy Simmons
Genre:  Documentry

Short story from a guy about being homeless.

Directors:  Melissa Bazis & Andy Simmons
Screenwriter:  Andy Simmons
Genre:  Drama, Inspirational

Mike had the best life any man could hope for; a loving wife and a beautiful baby girl. One day, things took a turn for the worst. Through his trials, Mike turned away from God. Will his best friend Alex and his Pastor's persistence be enough to bring Mike back to church?

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The Homeless Trap

The Last Goodbye 

Directors:  Malarie Stafford-Mustacchio
Screenwriter:  Andy Simmons
Genre:  Family

We all know it is hard when we lose a loved one. But sometimes the loved one will return just for the moment.

Welcome Home 

Directors:  Melissa Bazis
Screenwriter:  Josh Harbin
Genre:  Sci-fi 

​When a celestial being kidnaps a young girl hoping to continue his bloodline, will she succumb to his request or face grave danger at his hands?

Sick & Twisted